the great voices of bulgaria

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Men's Choir




      The names of Boris Christoff, Nicolai Ghiaurov, Nicola Ghiuselev, Julian Konstantinov, Orlin Anastassov, Nikola Nikolov and Kaludi Kaludov are among the singers who make lengthy introductions on the subject of Bulgarian male voices unnecessary.

     THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA Men's Choir was formed in 1971 by Zdravko Mihaylov from members of the Mixed Choir and other solo voices from the Sofia National Opera. One of the particular features of this choir, different from other male choral groups in Bulgaria, is that it is made up exclusively of authentic soloists. Their repertoire ranges from traditional Bulgarian music, arranged by composers such as Dobri Hristov, Emanuil Manolov, Petko Stainov, Asen Karastoyanov, Peter Dinev to the sacred chants of the Orthodox Church.
Zdravko Mihaylov's undeniable achievement is that over the years he has been able to give this collection of solo voices homogeneity worthy of the most famous choirs.


     Today the members of THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA Men's Choir still participate individually in recitals of classical music, or lend their support as choral singers to performances of grand operas such as Nabucco, Attila, Fidelio, Simon Boccanegra, William Tell, The Flying Dutchman for several European opera houses.


      Since 1999 Music Director of THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA Men’s Choir is Ilia Mihaylov.