the great voices of bulgaria

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Season 2011 / 2012




     The unique sound of the Bulgarian female choral tradition, full with primal energy and sprung from the earth, was feeding the Bulgarian soul for generations, captivating the tragedy and sheer exuberance of humanity. After more than 50 years of world-wide performance and recording, THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA Women’s choir are recognized as one of the world’s greatest ensembles. Their throat vocal technique is based upon a completely natural kind of sound production, sustaining the voice by using the neck muscles, and not the diaphragm. The traditional repertoire consists of the most popular and virtuoso songs of Bulgarian folklore, some of them accompanied by instruments, played by the singers themselves. The women wear colorful traditional costumes from regions across Bulgaria. There are ten, sixteen or twenty members of the Women’s choir.




     In the style of a spiritual procession, with their red national costumes, bearing candles THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA Mixed Choir will fill the glorious space of any cathedral or church with powerful and deep sonorities, creating a unique and mystical atmosphere, leading the audience into a deep meditation. Their repertoire consists of Bulgarian, Russian and Georgian Orthodox music ranging from the monodic chants of Yoan Kukuzel from the medieval period up to the late harmonic compositions of church hymns of composers such as Peter Tchaikovsky, Dobri Christov, Peter Dinev, Dmitri Bortniansky and Pavel Chesnokov. The Mixed Choir is available in two sizes - twenty or twenty-four singers, comprising various soloists among them.




     The project features Theodosii’s original composition, written especially for the choir and songs from the traditional repertoire of authentic Bulgarian folklore, enhanced by Theodosii’s virtuoso kaval improvisations. One of the rare occasions when we could also hear him sing. This project is available in different sizes: ten or sixteen members of the Women’s choir, Teodosii alone or with a trio of traditional instruments (kaval, gadulka, tambura).



     The Balkan Crossover Project features THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA Women’s choir together with the award winning Hungarian organist László Fassang and the traditional flute and bagpipe virtuoso Bálazs Dongó Sokolay. Their program consists of traditional Bulgarian and Hungarian folklore tunes, skillfully overlapped with the organ and flute improvisations of László and Bálazs. Pieces from the standard choir repertoire of composers such as Béla Bartók, Philip Koutev, Krassimir Kyurkchiysky , Stefan Dragostinov and others could be heard in a new and dynamic artistic interpretation. A true crossover, indeed! Ten or sixteen members of the Women’s choir. For organ specification, please write.




     In 2007 Ilia Mihaylov and THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA Women’s choir created the original music for Jean Epstein’s 1923 mute film La Belle Nivernaise together with the French jazz trio François Raulin (piano), Jean – Jaques Avenel, (double bass), and François Corneloup (baritone sax). The unique mixture between Bulgarian folk tunes, the original compositions of the trio, and free-jazz improvisations provide a unique atmosphere during the projection of this black and white, classical masterpiece. You can watch the film either on a period 35 millimeters copy, provided by The Bologna Cineteca or on a DVD. Ten or sixteen members of the Women’s choir.




Made up exclusively of authentic soloists THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA Men’s Choir is available for short recitals (30 to 60 minutes). Their repertoire ranges from the sacred chants of the Orthodox Church to the traditional Bulgarian music, arranged by composers such as Dobri Hristov, Emanuil Manolov, Petko Stainov, Asen Karastoyanov ect. The Men’s Choir is available in different sizes: eight up to sixteen singers.